Topics 1995-1998

The 4th Asia-Pacific Rally

Springboard into the future

The 4th Asia-Pacific Rally was held by Korea Camping Caravanning Federation from October 16 to 20, 1998 in Soraksan, the north-east part of the Republic of Korea. The venue was located in the beautiful national park and at the same time adjoins the military border with the North Korea. The rally was joined by 430 campers from 12 different countries. A special attention should be paid to the fact that five motor caravans came from Japan beyond the sea to join the camping festival, for the very first time in the history between Korea and Japan.


Risk management on the campsites

"EFCO-FICC Charter - Management of external risk on Holiday Parks, Caravan & Camping Sites" was published in 1998 in guidance to the owners and managers of holiday parks as a result of collaboration between consumer and trade, F.I.C.C. and the European Federation of Campground Organizations. The principles of the guideline are

1.Evaluation of possible risks,
2.Drawing up of a Contingency Plan,
3.Informing customers of possible risks,
4.Installation of internal alarm system on the holiday park, and
5.Ensuring ways to evacuate people.

F.C.C.C. Admitted into F.I.C.C.

Another member from Taiwan

Atits meeting in Leba, Poland in August 4, 1998, the F.I.C.C. Council approved the full membership of Federation Camping & Caravanning of R.0.C.(called F.C.C.C.) as the second F.I.C.C. member from Taiwan. This Federation was established in Taipei 1991 and ever since it has been making effort to popularize the camping and caravanning in Taiwan. Beside holding the annual National Rally, the Federation publishes the periodicals and campground maps. Since 1995 it has been organizing even the annual exhibition of the materials and necessities for camping. The president is Mr.Warren Tseng and the number of members is 520 families.

Asia-Pacific News No.3

The Asia-Pacific Commission published the Asia-Pacific News No.3 in January 1998 among others with the following contents:

The Third Asia-Pacific Rally

Held at the foot of a volcano in Japan

Japan Auto Camping Federation held the third Asia-Pacific Rally from October 8 to 13, 1997 in Kita-Karuizawa in Japan. The rally site was the Sweet Grass situated in about 1,200 m height at the foot of the Mount Asama, one of Japan's most famous active volcanoes. Surrounded by the picturesque natural beauty and welcomed by local people, about 700 participants from 10 different countries could enjoy the Rally to the full. You can taste a little fragment of the wonderful Rally if you read three reports.

Mongolian Camping Association

Mongolian Camping Association was established in September 1997 with the purpose of promoting camping and caravanning all over Mongolia as well as expanding relations with foreign countries. President is Mr.J.Amarsanaa. The Association is the sole non-governmental organization representing the country in the said field. It plans to build camping sites, open new excursion routs and organize camping rallies. Such activities must be unique because almost a half of the total population of 2.4 millions live in the countryside as"Campers".

Asia-Pacific News No.2

The Asia-Pacific Commission published the Asia-Pacific News No.2 in March 1997 among others with the following contents:

The Second Asia-Pacific Rally

Showers and Hospitality in Taiwan

The Second Asia-Pacific Rally was held by the Camping Association of the Republic of China from October 9 to 13, 1996. Wu-Lau-Ken Campsite, I-Lan County was selected as rally venue. In spite of intermittent showers during the whole rally, some 1,000 participants from many parts of the world were all satisfied with the abundant rally programs as well as the world-famous hospitality by Taiwanese people. Especially the performance presented by local students at the Lan-Yang night was so perfect and charming that nobody can forget.

The Ninth National Rally in Australia

11 Participants from Taiwan

The Australian Ninth National Rally has been held at the Longerenong Field Day site near Horsham in the Western District of Victoria, Australia, from December 28, 1995 to January 6, 1996, joined by about 2000 campers both domestic and oversees. In Australia it is a practice to hold the National Rally every three year, organized by each of four National Rally Committees. Warren Tseng, President of Federation of Camping & Caravanning of R.0.C. has participated in this great event leading his ten members from Taiwan.

Asia-Pacific News Launched

The Asia-Pacific Commission published the Asia-Pacific News No.1 in January 1996. The purposes of this organ are to promote the camping activities in the Asia-Pacific region, to deepen the mutual understanding among people of different countries and thus to strengthen the friendly and peaceful relationship of all Asia-Pacific Nations. To reach these aims, the bulletin should not only give information about forthcoming events , reports on the happenings and topics, but also send messages toward the world from the interface between camping and general issues of the contemporary human life such as natural environment, welfare, education . The copies have been delivered to all the member clubs and associations of F.I.C.C. Mr.Camille Olinger, President of F.I.C.C., sent a greeting message to the launch of the Asia-Pacific News.

The First Asia-Pacific Rally

A Start of the New History

The Asia-Pacific Commission decided last year to organize the regional rally once a year from this year on, with the purposes of bringing people together and developing the camping movement in the Asia-Pacific region. This historical decision was put into practice by the Korea Camping & Caravanning Federation, who hosted the first Asia-Pacific Rally at the Pijarim Youth Training and Recreation Area on Cheju Island from 3 to 7 May 1995. This rally may be called as starting point of the new history in the camping and caravanning.

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