Report on the 2nd Asia Pacific Rally

Frank Hsu
President of the Camping Association
of the Republic of China

Host: The Asia Pacific Commission of F.I.C.C.

Rally Organizer: The Camping Association of the Republic of China

Associated Organizer: I-Lan County Government

Supervising Government Offices: Ministry of Interior, R.O.C., Ministry of Foreign Affairs, R.O.C., Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Communication, R.O.C.

Time: October 9 - October 13, 1996

Place: Wu-Lau-Ken Campsite, I-Lan County, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Participants: 1,171 persons (859 adults, 312 children) from Finland (9), France (20), Germany (1), Japan (23), Korea (16), Luxembourg (2), R.O.C. (1,087); and non-member countries Australia (6) and Malaysia (6).

Campsite: In order to provide County youngsters a place for leisure activities and camping, I-Lan County government started the plan of establishing the Wu-Lau-Ken campsite in 1989. Today, over 40 hectares are developed. Some 10 hectares were used for the Rally, which include two main camps A and B. Each camp has 10 centralized cooking units and 160 fixed pitches. The adjacent free-pitch area can accommodate 160 more families. Two hectares of the assembly area are enough to host all kinds of events. In general, this campsite is an ideal place for medium size rallies.

Installations: There are two administration centers with bathrooms (providing 24 hours hot water) and toilets at F.I.C.C. standard quantities which proved to be quite sufficient during the Rally.

Sales of Food and Groceries: As the campsite has not installed with restaurant and mini-supermarket, I-Lan County Farmer's Association has supported with a small bar and a minimart. Although a temporary installation, the bar also provided some simple dishes which was convenient to the campers. The only regret was that, because of the lacking of experience, the variety of the goods in the minimart was very much limited. But everybody did try their best.

Campsite Activities: The rally was from Oct. 9 to Oct. 13 for five days and four nights. The original plan was that, in October, the weather in Taiwan generally cools down for Autumn. However, it turned out the weather was very much against us, not because of the heat, but because of the rain. It started raining on the 8th. On the 9th it rained all day and by night time the storm came. The campsite drainage system was not enough to drain the 238 mm rainfall of the day and the campsite roads were flooded. Fortunately all camp pitches were designed in an elevated manner, the tents were secured. On the 10th, official events started despite of the rain.

Major event during the Rally includes:

  • The Opening Ceremony: Cherished by Heaven, the rain died down and stopped completely around 16:30 pm. At 17:00 pm, we started the traditional F.I.C.C. opening ceremony parade. The flags of the F.I.C.C., Asia Pacific Region and all participating member countries were hoisted under "Ode to Joy". After the speeches from Mr. Lin Chin-Chang, President of the Camping Association of the Republic of China, Mr. Yu, Governor of I-Lan County, and Mr. Dahlberg, President of F.I.C.C., Mr. Frank Hsu, Chairman of the Asia Pacific Commission, declared the official opening of the Rally.
  • Excursion: Two excursions were arranged by the Rally organizer.
    • The one day Go-Ma-Lan Tour on the 11th covered the Lo-Tung Sports Park, Chin-Shui Park on Tung-Shan River in the morning, followed by a buffet lunch hosted by the Governor of I-Lan County; and Suao fishing port, the traditional Chinese religion of Ma-Tsu Temple, Suao gas spring in the afternoon.
    • The Yu-Tien village Tour on 12th has introduced I-Lan County's special agricultural dominated features to the visitors. The welcome drums, the lion dance and the Chinese marshal arts performance demonstrated the leisure activities farmers play when farming and chores finish. The handicrafts, processed farm products and environmental protection concept depicts the modern farming direction. Lunch was served in a village feast style.
  • International Night: On 11th evening we had the international night. Members from all participating countries gathered together, singing songs and making performances with the support of a live band. Everybody enjoyed.
  • Lan-Yang Night: Students from primary schools and night schools and the Lan-Yang Dancers performed lion dance, folklore dance, bamboo instrument orchestra and Taiwanese opera to entertain campers from abroad and domestic. The response was warm and joyful.
  • Folklore Performance: On the last day (13th), I-Lan County government prepared folklore performances form different folklore dances, aborigines dance, dragon dance to spinning tops and Chinese "Church-bell". Their versed performance has won great applause from our camper audiences.
  • Closing Ceremony: Short, wet, but happy. The gatherings must come to an end. We say good-bye in the sound of "Auld Lang Syne" music and hope that we can meet with each other in Ireland and/or Japan for the next Rallies.

General Review: The 2nd Asia Pacific Rally was the second international F.I.C.C. Rally that the Camping Association of the Republic of China organized. Despite the short preparation time, the Rally is considered successful under the help of the I-Lan County Government and all working staff of the Association.

The success can be attributed to:

  • The Financial Support from Government and Private Sectors: The Rally is supported by Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tourism Bureau and private businesses and individuals contributions.
  • The Good Choice of Campsite: The beautiful scenery and fine installation of the Wu-Lau-Ken campsite has undoubtedly left good memories in the hearts of the campers to this Rally.
  • The Fine Teamwork Among the working Staff: The organization and coordination among the staff and personal dedication of each member allowed us to achieve the utmost goal with minimum manpower.
  • The Full Support from the Associated Organizer: I-Lan County Government's full support is the corner stone for the success of the Rally. They even sent a team to participate in the 58th F.I.C.C. Rally to see how things were done. The manpower supported during the Rally time and the programs organized were simply a guarantee to the success.

The only regrets may be the lacking of support from the weather side. But the rain did not hinder the campers' enthusiasm and the atmosphere was always warm and friendly. In all, we think almost everybody was satisfied.

March 1997(Asia-Pacific News No.2)

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