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The 30th Anniversary

Japan Auto Camping Federation

Japan Auto Camping Federation celebrated its 30th anniversary of foundation on October 30, 1999 in Tokyo. At the celebration party, Mr.Junzo Hasegawa, President of J.A.C., gave a lecture with the title"The review of the past 30 years of J.A.C. and the perspective into the 21st century". For this memorial event Mr.Lars Dahlberg, President of F.I.C.C. sent his message in which he reviewed the excellent cooperation between JAC and F.I.C.C. during all these years.

Camp on Campsites!

Risk Management on Campsites

On 14 August 1999, 18 people including children and infants who were camping on a dry riverbed of the Kurokura River in Kanagawa prefecture, were attacked by a flash flood and lost their lives.These shocking news were reported by all sorts of media days and nights, causing a dreadful sensation over Japan. Immediately after this major accident Japan Auto Camping Federation issued an urgent appeal to the public and initiated a campaign called "Camp on Campsites!"on a large scale.In order to support this initiative the Asia-Pacific Commission elaborated "Guideline for Risk Management on Campsites"and delivered it to JAC as well as to the camping organizations in Taiwan and Korea.

Visit to Mongolia

Overnight in Gher

Mr.Tsuyoshi Suzumura (46), member of the Working Group "Touring", visited Mongolia in October 1999. Welcomed by the Mongolian Camping Association , he has been driven down to Karakorum some 400km away from Ulan Bator, the capital of the country, by a tough off-road car. There he stayed overnight in a "Gher", traditional dwelling of the Mongolian nomads. Retrospective to his visit said the Japanese adventurer, "There is neither rubbish nor garbage. Even a small nail is never wasted. Any chip of wood is used as fuel and every piece of garbage is composted to fertilizer. So the recycling there is perfect!".

Barrier-free Camping

Accessible for everybody

Japan Auto Camping Federation held "All Japan Barrier-Free Autocamping Rally" from September 24-26, 1999 at the Daiya River Autocamp in Nikko, Tochigi prefecture, attended by a number of handicapped campers of all ages. The newly constructed camping ground has been designed in a fully barrier-free specification, providing good opportunities for the handicapped to enjoy the beautiful nature in the district and join a variety of entertainments including games, cocking, time trials,etc. Through the whole event, the camping proved to be a barrier-free leisure which is accessible for everybody.

A Big Earthquake Hit Taiwan

The 5th Asia-Pacific Rally was cancelled

On September 21, 1999, a severe earthquake hit Taiwan, causing a terrible disaster with two thousand six hundred eighty five deads and over ten thousand injured. Inevitably the 5th Asia-Pacific Rally had to be cancelled which had been scheduled from October 8 to 12. It more than compensated for the loss, however, that the Taiwanese campers showed their volunteerism to help and support the sufferers from the disaster. Thanks to their self-devoted deeds, it was exemplarily proved that the camping was an activity which was deeply tied with the humanism.

Flash Flood Attacked Campers

18 people died

In the midst of the summer vacation, on 14 August 1999, 18 people including children and infants were attacked by a flash flood and lost their lives. They had been camping on a dry riverbed of the Kurokura River in Kanagawa prefecture. This tragedy happened due to the concentrated heavy rain continually lasting since the night before. The weather was so furious that the emergency service could not rescue them in spite of their desperate trials. These shocking scenes were broadcast on the spot by TV days and nights to cause a sensation over Japan. Immediately after this accident, Japan Auto Camping Federation issued an urgent appeal to the public and initiated a campaign called "Camp on Campsites!"on a large scale.

The 61st F.I.C.C. International Rally

A perfect rally in England

The 61st F.I.C.C. International Rally was held in Lincoln, England, from July 29 to August 8, hosted by the Caravan Club. The Rally was excellently organized on a vast showground equipped with modern facilities. 8584 campers comming from worldwide 28 countries enjoyed a large variety of interesting programs including music entertainment of high quality. The God too favored the rally with beautiful sunshine from the very beginning till the last end. So the rally might be called in a word "A Perfect Rally". Young participants from Korea also were deeply impressed by the new world they experienced.

First Participation

The 61st F.I.C.C. Rally was the first one for the Federation of Camping & Caravanning of ROC since it became an official member of the international organization last year. During the Rally, F.C.C.C. held a big reception party at their camping site, invited a number of friends from all countries and offered them a plenty of ethnic foods and drinks, thus creating a joyful and friendly mood. At the Closing Ceremony of the Rally, F.C.C.C. was given by the F.I.C.C. President an honorable cup awarding its big number of participants 36 from the long distance.

Sister Site

Mr.Bob Black, Chairman of the Caravan Club, and Mr.Trevor Watson, Director General, visited "Harunako Autocamp" located in Gunma prefecture, Japan, in May this year. This Japanese camp ground is in a cooperation with "Crystal Palace"run by The Caravan Club as "Sister Site" since 1997. In TV interview on site, Mr.Black commented on the camp ground, "Good campsite harmonizing the modern facilities and the natural surroundings". In return, Mr.Matsuyama, Chairman of the Gunma Public Corporation for Tourism Development, paid a visit to Mr.Black in Lincoln on the occasion of the 61st F.I.C.C. International Rally. At the reception following the opening ceremony, he presented to the Club Chairman a horse figure made of crystal as symbol for the friendship of both camp sites.

World Cup Rally

The General Assembly of F.I.C.C. held in Lincoln on August 5, decided that the Korea Camping & Caravanning Federation would host the F.I.C.C.International Rally in 2002. It will be held at the end of May or at the beginning of June 2002 in combination with the "2002 FIFA World Cup Korea-Japan". So the rally participants would be offered a rare chance to enjoy both camping and football games. The rally venue will be a resort area in City Tonghae which recently has become world-famous as departure port for the luxurious cruising to the Diamond Mountain in North Korea.

Trailers on Road in Taiwan

The government of the Republic of China amended the traffic law which prohibited the the camping trailers from being pulled on the road. So since August 1, 1999 the caravans less than 750kg have been allowed to be towed with an ordinary driving license without a special permission. No doubt that this epoch-making decision is a springboard for the dynamic development of the camping and caravanning in Taiwan.

F.I.C.C.Youth Rally in Portugal

The 47th F.I.C.C.Youth Rally was held in Pova de Varzim, a typical Portuguese city embraced by the Atlantic Ocean from April 1 to 4. It was participated in by 923 young people of the age between 14 to 30 years from 20 different countries. The Rally offered to the youngsters exciting programs such as the sport games, a camp fire, Easter Dinner and of course a never ending disco party. From the Asian region were three Japanese students who charmed all the participants with their lovely personality.

New Club in Australia

In Australia a new club has been established. The club includes all travelers whether they have a caravan, a motorhome, a camper or a tent, so it is called "the Australasian Touring Caravan, Motorhome & Camping Club". The President is Mr.Brian Kelleher. It is a truly National Club with members in 4 states already. The purpose of this club is to be able to keep the travelers up to date with all information that may affect their travels in relation to camping spots, caravan parks and as well road rules plus more.

Asia-Pacific News No.4

The Asia-Pacific Commission published the Asia-Pacific News No.4 in February 1999 among others with the following contents:

Mark of Asia Pacific Commission

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