Task for a Newcomer of F.I.C.C.

Warren Tseng
President of the Federation
Camping & Caravanning of R.0.C.

F.I.C.C. held the Council meeting at Leba in Poland on August 5th 1998 and approved the full membership of the Federation Camping & Caravanning of R.0.C. The members of the Federation were all excited when they heard this news. First of all, l should like to, on behalf of all members and myself, express our highest appreciation to Mr.Lars Dahlberg, President of F.I.C.C. and Mr.Kazuhiro Akase, Council Member of F.I.C.C. for their full support to the affiliation of our Federation with F.I.C.C.

Since the establishment in 1991, our Federation has been trying its every effort to popularize the activities of motorhomes and caravans in Taiwan. Beside holding the annual National Rally, we regularly publish our periodicals. Recently the Federation even has edited a complete map of camping grounds in Taiwan. Since 1995, in order to promote the camping life of high quality, the Federation has been organizing the annual exhibition for the materials and necessities for the camping and caravanning. These events attract every time 3000-4000 persons to visit.

As for international activities, the Federation attended the National Rally that take place in New Zealand at the beginning of 1995. This fact encouraged our members to organize tour groups to U.S.A. and Australia for camping abroad.

Now we have the honor to be one of the members of F.I.C.C. and so one of the members of the Asia-Pacific Commission. We will do our best to fulfill the responsibilities and duties that arise from this membership.

Camping is the activities which are combined with the natural environment, taking advantage of the mobile and loading characteristics of motor vehicles. On the one hand, we want to enjoy a cheerful camping life with our family, on the other hand, however, the international society is struggling for the environmental protection. Therefore the way how to keep the balance between camping activities and natural environment will be our main subject. We as newcomer of F.I.C.C. will study and research these matters hand in hand with other nations

February 1999 (Asia-Pacific News No.4)

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