Topics 2003

Caravan Rally in China

The Federation of Camping and Caravanning of China which was established in Beijing on December 1, 2002 organized the first caravan rally from 13th to 22nd of October 2003 in order to show the Chinese people a new style of camping and caravanning. The caravan team formed by 15 motorcaravans left Beijing on 13th October, and ran the whole distance of 1500km. to Shanghai. They took part in ceremony that was held on 17tn October in Wusi, a famous tourist resort, located 128km to the northwest to Shanghai. The ceremony celebrating this epoch making event was attended by Vice President of the Chinese Olympic Committee, Vice President of the Federation of Camping and Caravanning of China and a representative of FICC Council among other eminent people of the local district.

New rules of trailer licence test in Korea

There was the public hearing, hosted by Planning Department of National Traffic Bureau, Korea National Police Agency on 24th September. Mr.Suk-Jae Chang, Director of Korea Camping & Caravanning Federation was the one of the speakers, who explains european, american and other countries' drive licence rules for the trailer caravans and new suggestions for Korean leisure trailer licences rules. So far, especially Korean drive licence rule for trailer types of vehicles has been only considered about only the kind of commercial, industrial and freight vehicles. That's why it hase been obstructed to enlarge the culture of caravanning, because people should apply the difficult and complicated freight trailer licence test to drive trailer caravans in Korea. Therefore, KCCF has issued the absurdity of current trailer licence test rule to the government since the preparation of the 64th FICC rally on year 2002. Finally, Korea National Police Agency had decided to make a new rule of trailer licence test especially for the trailer types of leisure vehicles(between about 500KG - 2000KG weight) within easier and practical test scheme and will officially publish on Fall season of year 2004.

F.I.C.C. Cup 2003 for Korea

In order to take part in the 67th F.I.C.C.Rally held in Montmero, Spain from 1 to 10 Augst, 89 Koreans came to Montmelo - flight to Frankfurt, then by 16 motorcaravans to Paris and Bordeaux and then on to Barcelona. At the closing ceremony the F.I.C.C. Cup was given to K.C.C.F for the highest number of participants (individuals) at the Rally multiplied by the official kilometrage by air from the main airport nearest to the headquarters of each federation or club to the main airport nearest to the Rally site to which shall be added the kilometrage by road from this airport to the Rally site.The total distance was 762.587 km.

Camping Guide of Asian Region

There are about 60 campsites in Taiwan, about 1,200 in Japan and at least one first class campsite in Korea (Mangsang). So it is advisable if a camping guide in Asia would be available for European, American and Austrialian campers. And good for government tourism ministries to compile this sort of information and make it available to foreign tourists in their embassies overseas. For this purpose,in addition to producing guides in their national languages, Japan, Taiwan and Korea should also use English for the names of towns and campsites and eventually bind them together in a single volume. In any case three countries should use the same symbols for the services and facilities available at the various campsites. F.I.C.C. is currently working on these symbols which would shortly be available.

"Asia-Pacific News" discontinued

At the meeting of the Asia-Pacific Commission held in August in Gent, Belgium it was decided that the "Asia-Pacific News" should not be published from now on because its function is already covered by the existing Commission's website, even more effectively. As printed matter a separate page or two for the Commission would be appended to the "F.I.C.C. Newsletter" (but without illustrations) to give more people the chance of being better informed.

The Asia-Pacific Rally Cancelled

The 8th Asia-Pacific Rally which should have taken place in Tomako-mai/Hokkaido-Japan from 21 to 24 August 2003, had to be cancelled two months beforehand because of the SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) in Asia. The City Tomakomai which should be the host the rally took the same action as other Japanese cities which had planned international events.

The 2nd Korea National Camping & Caravanning Festival

There was the event " The 2nd Korea National Camping & Caravanning Festival at Donghae Mangsang Auto Camping Resort"from 27th to 29th June. The event was the 2nd national rally hosted by KCCF and our Donghae City Club. It was a lot larger scale than the last year rally. So it could be confirmed that the culture of Korean camping & caravanning has been continuously enlarging since the 64th FICC Rally.

Outdoor 2003

Japan Autocamping Federation held "Outdoor 2003" under the slogan of "Let's Go Autocamping!" on April 12 and 13. The venue was the open space in front of the National Yoyogi Stadiumin Tokyo. A lot of exhibitors from diverse fields such as camping utensils, automobiles, campsites, foods etc.were present. In the center of the place the Camping Village was set up where various programs were performed, such as lessons for craft and cooking as well as ocarina performance. A great number of visitors could spend an enjoyable days at the camping ground in the center of the megalopolice.

The 8th Asia-Pacific Rally to be held in Japan

Japan Auto Camping Federation decided to organize the 8th Asia-Pacific Rally from 21 to 24 August in Tomakomai City, Hokkaido. Tomakomai is located just 40 minute from Sapporo, capital city of Hokkaido, and surrounded by magnificent natural beauties which has been formed by volcanos. The rally site is the Arten Auto Resort, a modern campground classified with five stars, and offer a sufficient number of cottage equipped with all facilities.

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