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The 16th Asia-Pacific Rally in Japan

The 16th FICC Asia-Pacific Rally was held from 12th to 14th October at the Azalea Eco Park in Higashi village, Okinawa, organized by Japan Autocamping Federation. The rally was joined by six countries , i.e. Japan, Taiwan, Korea, China, Portugal and Finland. Especially from Taiwan which is located very close to Okinawa, there was a big delegation of not less than eighty persons sent by CAROC and FCCC. During the rally period all the participants enjoyed the traditional culture and scenic beauty of Okinawa island as well as the delicious food and cordial hospitality provided by Okinawa people.

The first highlight of the rally was the Welcome Party held in the evening of the first day where the rally participants met again their old firiends and built a new friendship.

On the second day people took a bus tour first visiting the Hill of Dugongs which commands a panoramic view of the Naogo Bay. After appreciating the excellent scenic beauty they visited an old brewery of Awamori, traditional distilled spirit in OKinawa and had a very pleasant lunch inside the brewery. A climax of the tour was the “Churaumi Aquarium”providing a amazing view of many colourful fishes swimming in the huge water tanks.

In the evening the Opening Ceremony satarted with playing the Japanese national anthem, then followed greeting messages given by Mr.Iju Seikyu, Mayor of Higashi village Mr. Akira Yoshida, JAC President and Mr. Joao Perreira, President of F.I.C.C. After the officiail part of the ceremony prticipants enjoyed the dinner prepared by the village people and were surprised by traditional performing arts of Okinawa.

At the Closing Ceremony, the Asia-Pacific flag was lowered to "The Ode to Joy" and returned to the chairman of the Asia-Pacific Commission who then handed it over to Mr.Fred Jan, President of the Camping Association of the Republic of Taiwan which will be the host of the next Asia-Pacific rally. Finally, all the rally participants sang "Auld Lang Syne" arm in arm promissing to meet again at the next rally.

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