When the Fédération Internationale de Camping, Caravanning et Autocaravaning(F.I.C.C.) was founded in 1933 in Great Britain, it comprised just 16 Clubs from 7 countries. Today F.I.C.C. consists of 60 Clubs and Associations from 35 nations, the total number amounting about 1,200,000 families. The headquarters are located in Brussels, Belgium. The supreme organ of F.I.C.C. is the General Assembly which elects ten members of the Council from ten different countries. With special commissions relative to statutes, technical matters, tents, campsites and youth as well as regional commissions like Asia-Pacific and North-America, F.I.C.C. represents the interest of campers worldwide in a professional way.

International Rally

F.I.C.C. organizes international rallies every year in various countries, sometimes in different continents. With their entertaining and exciting programs, the rally offers the participants an unique opportunity to develop the friendship among people from every corner of the world, thus contributing to improve the human communication, better understanding and cooperation without any discrimination, intolerance or prejudice.

Youth Rally

Another F.I.C.C. Rally is called "Youth Rally". In terms of international character, it is completely same as the F.I.C.C. Rally, however with a quite different taste. It may be attended only by young generations of the age between 14 to 30 years, offering more active programs such as sport events, camp fire, Easter Dinner and of course a never ending disco party. So the Rally is nothing else but exiting!

Passport for Camping

F.I.C.C. issues CCI, Camping Card International, with which you can take part in F.I.C.C. rallies and get discount service on the campsites that cooperate with F.I.C.C. Furthermore you are secured by the liability insurance amounting to 2.5 million Swiss franc when you go camping everywhere in the world.

Mark of Asia Pacific Commission

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