Greeting to the Asia-Pacific News

Camille Olinger
President of F.I.C.C.

The idea of a bulletin for the Asia-Pacific region is a good one. It should not only make and maintain contacts with the campers in that part of the world but also with all the members of the F.I.C.C.

One task is to inform the readers about what happened in the region in question. So they can see which interesting things they have missed when they did not take part in. Thus maybe they will acquire a taste for new happenings. The next time or at the next occasion they will be present. So reports on rallies, group travels and other organizations are interesting and informing.

The bulletin should also give information in advance on these events and publish invitations and advantages for club members. The bulletin should not only be light literature but it has also to fulfil a task.

Hoping that the "Asia-Pacific News" will become an important connecting link for all the members of the F.I.C.C. I wish the editors perseverance, to be of good cheer and the bulletin a fruitful future.

Mark of Asia Pacific Commission

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