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The 6th Asia-Pacific Rally

Symbiosis with Forest

Japan Auto Camping Federation held the 6th Asia-Pacific Rally from October 6 to 9, 2000 at the Forest Park Adatara in Fukushima prefecture . The Forest Park Adatara, located at the breast of Mount Adatara, is managed with the purpose of propelling the symbiosis with the forest. The main theme of the rally was "Symbiosis with Forest". So about 700 rally participants from five countries were offered various opportunities to commune with the forest. They spent a fine autumn day by cutting timber, making handicraft or baking pizza with burning coal.

Also a symposium on forest and camping took place on site, coordinated by Mr.Toshio Mizoguchi, Veterinarian of the Fukushima Prefectural Center of Wildlife Care and Rehabilitation. Among four panelists there ware Mr.Lars Dahlberg, President of F.I.C.C., and Mr.Tom Heneghan, English designer of the Forest Park Adatara. While Mr.Heneghan explained that he had most treasured a harmony between the campsite facilities and the nature surrounding them, Mr.Dahlberg praised the Forest Park Adatara as "one of the best campsites in the world that I have seen".

The 5th International Camping Congress

Dressed in kimono at the F.I.C.C. exhibition booth

The 5th International Camping Congress took place in Tokyo from October 2 to 5, organized by International Camping Fellowship, an organization of educational camping for the youth. Mr.Lars Dahlberg, President of F.I.C.C., attended the congress and gave a lecture in a special session titled "Past, Present and Future of the Camping". In a symposium Mr.Morio Chen gave a talk on the history of the camping in Taiwan. Also Mr.Yasuo Kurashina, Secretary General of Japan Autocamping Federation, presented his case study "The Snow Cave". Among other exhibition booths, F.I.C.C. had its own to distribute publicity handouts. Here at the corner, foreign women could be dressed up in Japanese Kimono and taken a picture.

National Rally in Taiwan

The first anniversary of the earthquake

The 9th National Rally took place from September 9 to 12 at the lakeside of the famous scenic place of the Sun Moon Lake. The rally was attended by about 600 campers from seven countries. The rally venue is located in the center of the earthquake of September 21,1999. Since the earthquake has caused enormous casualties and financial losses in the area, the rally was held in order to help the inhabitants and try to bring this place out of the trauma. F.C.C.C. has prepared 2865 pieces of bamboo, same number of victims of the earthquake, and put red candles into their recesses. Once all bamboo lanterns were lighted, a solemn and fantastic atmosphere dominated the rally site. All the participants observed a silence for the deceased.

F.I.C.C. Rally in Germany

Terrific spirit reigned in the marquee

The 62nd International F.I.C.C. Rally was held in Lechbruck, Germany from June 27 to August 6, 2000. It was attended by 2,130 families i.e. 4,828 campers in 30 tents, 1.476 caravans and 624 motorcaravans. 29 countries were represented including Japan, Taiwan and Korea. The total number of participants from Asia was about 130 persons, a record in the history of F.I.C.C. Rally. Unfortunately the gods did not look kindly on either the organizers or campers. It rained virtually non-stop, a situation which most people bore with stoicism. However a terrific spirit reigned in the marquee every evening where old friends could get together and new friendships were made for life over a glass of beer!

Commission Meeting

During the Rally the Commission had a meeting to discuss about the future policies of activitiy in the Asia-Pacific region.

Automobile Tax for RV Increased in Japan

Local governments of Japan decided to introduce a new taxation system for the recreational vehicles, effective as from April 1. After this date, the tax rate for RV is uniformly 80% of the same for passenger cars, graduated in total 10 classes of the engine displacement. For instance the motor caravans with displacement 4,000 cc - 4,500 cc which find the most users in Japan, are subject to a tax 61,200 yen. The new taxation system has been put in force in more than a half of all the prefectures of Japan. Since the tax system for RV had been differing with prefectures, the amount of tax in an extreme case has increased 5.7 times more than ever.

Year 2000 State Rally in Australia

Japanese crossed the equator to join

The Year 2000 State Rally took place at the Lardner Park in Eastern Victoria from March 10 to 13, 2000. On site were 99 caravans and one motorhome of campers from Queensland, New South Wales and Japan. The Rally was full of entertainment, among others with a 17 piece Big Band playing swing music on the Saturday night. Mr.& Mrs.Fukuda (Working Group "Touring") and two other Japanese crossed the equator to participate in the event. They not only enjoyed the Rally itself but also visited a wildlife park where they had a great day seeing the kangaroos and the koalas.

International Camping and RV Show

" International Camping & RV Show" was held at the Tokyo Big Site from February 18 to 20, 2000, with the theme "Outdoor Travel". Japan Auto Camping Federation has been organizing the exhibition to promote and develop the auto-camping movements in Japan for 30 years. The three big exhibition halls were filled with booths for demonstrating recreational vehicles, motorhomes, camping trailers, tents and a big variety of camping goods, both domestic and imported. The total number of exhibitors were 200 companies. 150,000 people visited this largest show of its kind in Asia.

Asia-Pacific News No.5

Special Issue for the New Millennium

The "Asia-Pacific News" No.5 was published in January as the special issue for the New Millennium. This organ of the Asia-Pacific Commission has been issued since 1996 for the purposes of promoting the camping and caravanning in the Asia-Pacific region. It should also contribute to deepen the mutual understanding and friendly relations among people of different cultures and social backgrounds. The contents are "Pondering Over the Earthquake in Taiwan" by Morio Chen, "Construction Plan of a Suburb-type Auto-Camping Site in a Provincial City Area" by Minoru Yamamoto and much more. A lot of copies of this annual magazine have been delivered not only to all F.I.C.C. members but also to authorities such as embassies, consulates, tourist boards.

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