The 9th National Rally in Taiwan

R.O.C. National 2000 RV Camping Rally was integrated with the local industries and culture

The 9th (2000) National Rally of FCCC combining the local colours was designed for a stretch of four days (9-12 September). Blessed with agreeable weather and under the dedicated spirit of the committee and work-team, the cheerful rally attended by 150 vehicles of 722 campers including 15 guests from 6 nations closed with a sense of accomplishment.

In spite of many difficulties, the location of the rally this year was set at the Sun-Moon Lake of Nantou, the much devastated epicentre of the earthquake that struck Taiwan on 21 September the year before, with the mission of promoting the tourism industry which the area relies on for livelihood. The rally is pleased to have accomplished the following goals:

I. Rebuilding the residents' confidence: The RV fleets that flocked to the hard-stricken towns repainted the picture of prosperity and rekindled hope.

II. Distinguishing the local industries: Nantou has long been known for its bamboo growth. Thousands of lanterns made with the local bamboo were lighted in the prayer evening and throughout the rally to stand vigils for the victims and draw attention to the local industry at the same time.

III. Celebrating the local colours: The rally had been much painted with local colours, ranging from the craftsmanship that went into the boathouse featured to the performance of Chinese music played by the farmer club.

IV. Exploring the fun and function of camping: The campers were encouraged to leave the vehicles on campsite to take the various local tour packages that covered entertainment and learning.

V. Generating local economy: In addition to commissioning the local vendors for the thousands of bamboo lanterns, the site utilities, the boathouse stage and performances, the package tours throughout the four days also served to boost the local business activities.

The satisfactory completion of the fun and meaningful annual camping rally is indebted to the unreserved efforts of the staff, the full support of the co-sponsors, the various local associations, and naturally - the grace of God for such beautiful weather.

January 2001(Asia-Pacific News No.6)

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