Mankind in the Midst of Change

Lars Dahlberg
Honorary-President of the F.I.C.C

Following the tragic incidents of September 11 2001 the whole world has changed. Nearly all of mankind has signed up to the war against terrorism. Methods of fighting this war may be varied and fighters dissimilar, but the goal for everyone is the same - lasting peace, brotherhood and friendship regardless of race and religion between all the peoples throughout the whole world.

Today it is more important than ever that our worldwide federation should make its contribution to the mutual battle for a better tomorrow. So let us do this in our traditional way by making all of our future rallies and meetings - big or small, domestic or international - events where friendship and mutual confidence between peoples, countries and continents can flourish. As we all know this has been our primary guideline and most important target since the earliest days of our federation.

Dear friends - may our common motto be "Achieving a better tomorrow through friendship between people".

January 2002(Asia-Pacific News No.7)

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