The 8th Asia-Pacific Rally planned in Japan was cancelled due to the SARS epidemic.


The 7th Asia-Pacific Rally

On the memorable occasion of the 90th anniversary of the Republic of China

The Camping Association of the Republic of China held the 7th Asia-Pacific rally under the patronage of F.I.C.C. on the memorable occasion of the 90th anniversary of the Republic of China. So the rally had a special designation "International F.I.C.C. Rally 2001 and the 7th Asia-Pacific Rally " lasting from 21st to 30th September at the Lung-Men Riverside Camping Resort in Fulung. The rally consists of three parts; so called Pre-rally on the site, four days tour visiting Hualien, Fu-Hsing and Taipei, and the Asia-Pacific Rally. The rally programs such as the welcome party, the opening and closing ceremony, the international night, a variety of folklore performance and a disco were all spiced by the Taiwanese hospitality and fascinated 930 participants from seven countries.


The 6th Asia-Pacific Rally

Symbiosis with Forest

Japan Auto Camping Federation held the 6th Asia-Pacific Rally from October 6 to 9, 2000 at the Forest Park Adatara in Fukushima prefecture . The Forest Park Adatara, located at the breast of Mount Adatara, is managed with the purpose of propelling the symbiosis with the forest. The main theme of the rally was "Symbiosis with Forest". So about 700 rally participants from five countries were offered various opportunities to commune with the forest. They spent a fine autumn day by cutting timber, making handicraft or baking pizza with burning coal.

Also a symposium on forest and camping took place on site, coordinated by Mr.Toshio Mizoguchi, Veterinarian of the Fukushima Prefectural Center of Wildlife Care and Rehabilitation. Among four panelists there ware Mr.Lars Dahlberg, President of F.I.C.C., and Mr.Tom Heneghan, English designer of the Forest Park Adatara. While Mr.Heneghan explained that he had most treasured a harmony between the campsite facilities and the nature surrounding them, Mr.Dahlberg praised the Forest Park Adatara as "one of the best campsites in the world that I have seen".


The 5th Asia-Pacific Rally planned in Taiwan was cancelled due to the earthquake disaster.


The 4th Asia-Pacific Rally

Springboard into the future

The 4th Asia-Pacific Rally was held by Korea Camping Caravanning Federation from October 16 to 20, 1998 in Soraksan, the north-east part of the Republic of Korea. The venue was located in the beautiful national park and at the same time adjoins the military border with the North Korea. The rally was joined by 430 campers from 12 different countries. A special attention should be paid to the fact that five motor caravans came from Japan beyond the sea to join the camping festival, for the very first time in the history between Korea and Japan.


The Third Asia-Pacific Rally

Held at the foot of a volcano in Japan

Japan Auto Camping Federation held the third Asia-Pacific Rally from October 8 to 13, 1997 in Kita-Karuizawa in Japan. The rally site was the Sweet Grass situated in about 1,200 m height at the foot of the Mount Asama, one of Japan's most famous active volcanoes. Surrounded by the picturesque natural beauty and welcomed by local people, about 700 participants from 10 different countries could enjoy the Rally to the full. You can taste a little fragment of the wonderful Rally if you read three reports.


The Second Asia-Pacific Rally

Showers and Hospitality in Taiwan

The Second Asia-Pacific Rally was held by the Camping Association of the Republic of China from October 9 to 13, 1996. Wu-Lau-Ken Campsite, I-Lan County was selected as rally venue. In spite of intermittent showers during the whole rally, some 1,000 participants from many parts of the world were all satisfied with the abundant rally programs as well as the world-famous hospitality by Taiwanese people. Especially the performance presented by local students at the Lan-Yang night was so perfect and charming that nobody can forget.


The First Asia-Pacific Rally

A Start of the New History

The Asia-Pacific Commission decided last year to organize the regional rally once a year from this year on, with the purposes of bringing people together and developing the camping movement in the Asia-Pacific region. This historical decision was put into practice by the Korea Camping & Caravanning Federation, who hosted the first Asia-Pacific Rally at the Pijarim Youth Training and Recreation Area on Cheju Island from 3 to 7 May 1995 with 180 participants (Korea 104, Japan 53, Taiwan 17, Hungary 5, Luxembourg 1).This rally may be called as starting point of the new history in the camping and caravanning.

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