The 11th Asia-Pacific Rally in Taiwan

The 11th Asia-Pacific Rally was held from November 23 to 25, 2007 at Wei Chuan Pushin Ranch in Taoyuan City, Taiwan. The rally was attended by about 700 people, including not less than 50 campers from overseas. All the participants enjoyed the rally program consisting of ceremonies, receptions, bus excursions and a variety of entertainment. It was a well organized rally which enabled campers to deepen an international friendship and confirm again the world-known hospitality by Taiwanese people.

Day 1 started with the Asia-Pacific party at 18:30 p.m. Participants enjoyed the Taiwanese meal and wine in a very friendly atmosphere, accompanied by the chamber music.

At 21:00 the Asia-Pacific Commission had a meeting attended by Commission members from Japan, Taiwan and Korea as well as the President, the Vice-president and a council member of FICC.

Day 2 started with a bus excusion to Tsuhu and Dasi. In Tsuhu is the mausoleum of Mr.Chang Kai-Shek in a well arranged natural park. Dasi is famous for the old town built in baroque style.

The Opening Ceremony started at 15:00 p.m. with the national anthem of the Republic of China . After an ample entertainment performed by high-school students, the greeting messages were given to the participants by Mr.The-Ming Chen(President of the Camping Association of the Republic of China), Mr.Chin Chang Lin (Chairman of the Asia-Pacific Commission), Mr.Li-lun Chu (Taoyuan County Commissioner ), Mrs. Hsiu-lien Lu (Vice President of the Republic of China ) and Mr. Joao Perreira(FICC President). Then, the FICC Asia-Pacific flag was raised to the music of Beethoven's 9th Symphony "The Ode to Joy," and the FICC President declared the opening of the Rally.

Korea Camping & Caravanning Federation gave a reception and Mr.Kyung-Woo Chang( President of KCCF) appealed the participants to join the 74th International FICC Rally next year.

At the International Evening, indigenous people and campers from different countries performed their traditional songs and dances for cultural exchange.

At the Closing Ceremony on Day 3, following the speech by the Chairman of the Rally, the Camping Association of the Republic of China, and Formosa Camping < Caravanning Club, Korea Camping < Caravanning Federation, and Japan Auto Camping Federation were given a memorial plaque by FICC Asia-Pacific Commission for their greatest contribution to the . Also two campers who made the greatest contribution to the success of this Rally were awarded; Mr.Scotty Wu and Mr.Star Yu. After the FICC Asia-Pacific flag was lowered it was handed over to Mr.Junzo Hasegawa (resident of Japan Auto Camping Federation) for the next year's Asia-Pacific Rally. Finally, all the rally participants sang "Auld Lang Syne" arm in arm.

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