The 12th Asia-Pacific Rally in Japan

The 12th Asia-Pacific Rally (in conjunction with the 39th Japan Autocamping Rally), organized by Japan Auto Camping Federation and co-hosted by Ibaraki Prefecture, Town of Daigo, and Daigo Development Corporation, was held at Green Villa Daigo in the Town of Daigo, Ibaraki, Japan from November 20 to 23, 2009. The Rally was attended by about 400 people, including 54 campers from overseas. All the participants enjoyed the international exchanges and various events for the four days. Surrounded by the beautiful nature of Okukuji Hot Springs Village and provided with advanced facilities of the highest ranked campsites in Japan, the rally was greatly successful. It is particularly worth noting that a number of the campsite staff and volunteers warmly welcomed the visitors what contributed to the great success of the Rally.

The first day started with the Evening Reception for foreign campers at Forespa Daigo, the neighboring facility to the camp site. The reception was accompanied by performance of Koto, Japanese harp and people enjoyed a festive mood.

On the second day, there was a welcome event at the rally site where the participating campers enjoyed pounding "mochi",Japanese traditional food made of special rice. The mochi veariously seasoned was served to participants for lunch together with local sake, kocally brewed beer and amazake, a traditional and cloudy sake.

The Opening Ceremony took place at the leisure center "Yamizo" to which all the participants were transpoerted by a shuttle bus. The ceremony atarted with playing the Japanese national anthem, and greeting messages were given to the campers by Mr. Junzo Hasegawa, JAC President and the Chairman of the Rally, and Mr.Hisao Watahiki,Mayor of Daigo City. Then the FICC Asia-Pacific flag was raised to the music of Beethoven's 9th Symphony "The Ode to Joy".

The Opening Ceremony was followed by Welcome Party. On the stage, Japanese traditional arts were performed by local volunteers and the participating campers showed their performance,too.

On the third day, all the campers from overseas joined the bus tour starting at 9:00 a.m. and visited local sights in Daigo, including "Fukuroda Falls", one of the three most famous waterfalls in Japan.At the camp site, there were a variety of all day long, such as walk raally with local residents, apple peeling contest, hip Sumo wrestling Championship.

At the Closing Ceremony on the last day, following the speech by the Chairman of the Rally, Japan Auto Camping Federation, The Camping Association of the Republic of China, Formosa Camping & Caravanning Club, Korea Camping & Caravanning Federation, and Daigo Green Villa were commended by FICC Asia-Pacific Commission for their greatest contribution to the success of this Rally. Also, in commemoration of the 12th Asia-Pacific Rally, Mr.Tadao Itoi and Mr.Kunikazu Ookubo were honored for having contributed for long time to the international friendship among Asian people. Finally a special award was given to Mr.Veijo Rahikainen who has participated in all the Asia-Pacific Rallies held in Japan from Finland since 1997. After the FICC Asia-Pacific flag was lowered to the music of Beethoven's "The Ode to Joy," the FICC Asia-Pacific flag was handed over to Formosa Camping & Caravanning Club, which is scheduled to host next year's Asia Rally. Finally, all the rally participants sang "Auld Lang Syne" arm in arm before saying goodbye.

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