The 15th Asia-Pacific Rally in China

The 15th FICC Asia-Pacific Rally was held from 14th to 17th September at Xiedao in Beijing, China, organized by the Asia-Pacific Commission of FICC. At the same time the first China National Rally and the 5th China RV exhibition were held forming a whole big event of camping and caravanning.

The rally was joined by Taiwan (CAROC/FCCC), Korea (KCCF), Japan (JAC), Netherlands (NCC), China (CRVC) and Portugal(FICC president). Noteworthy is above all that this was the first Asia-Pacific rally held in China so epoch making not only in the Asia-Pacific but also in the history of FICC.

The first highlight of the whole event was the Welcome Dinner where FICC members, domestic campers and exhibitors got together to enjoy delicious cuisine and a variety of entertainments performed on the stage.

At 10 o'clock on 15th September started the opening ceremony of the whole event on the main stage in Xiedao with attendance of VIPs from government, industry and foreign countries.

In the evening of the same day was the opening ceremony of the 15th Asia-Pacific Rally in Xiedao Village Square. Following the speeches by Mr.Weyi Liu, President of CRVC and Mr.Joao Alves Pereira, the FICC flag was carried to the main pole and hoisted accompanied by the "Ode to Joy" of Beethoven's symphony No.9. After the ceremony the campers were again entertained with Chinese banquet and a lot of stage performances.

During the rally there was also a symposium called "High-Light RV & Camping Forum" with experts from China, Germany, Japan and USA.

At the Closing Ceremony, the FICC Asia-Pacific flag was lowered again to "The Ode to Joy" and returned to the chairman of the Asia-Pacific Commission who then handed it over to Mr.Junzo Hasegawa, President of Japan Auto Camping Federation which will be the host of the next Asia-Pacific rally.

Finally, all the rally participants sang "Auld Lang Syne" arm in arm promissing to meet again at the next rally.

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