Autocamper's Charter


We, the autocampers, hereby establish the following Charter with a view to seeking harmony with people and nature, achieving a healthy recreational life, and working toward a wholesome and peaceful society through autocamping activities.


1. We will have enjoyable and comfortable camping experiences by observing the rules and respecting each other and through collaborating with other campers and local people.

2. We will understand the significance of protecting the global environment and enjoy camping in an environmentally-friendly way.

3. We will advocate family camping for its nourishing of family bond, friendship with people and contact with nature.

4. We will be aware that experiences in wilderness and outdoor activities are important for the modern society and strive to stay spiritually and physically healthy through camping.

5. We will try our best to use automobiles responsibly, driving them in a safe and environmentally-friendly manner.

6. We will strive to make autocamping universally enjoyable for all people regardless of their age or handicap.

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