Symposium in Korea 2008

Nature and Human beings, Promise for the future

Prior to the 74th FICC International Rally held in Gapyeong,KCCF in collaboration with F.I.C.C. held a symposium at the Seoul Press Center from 14:00 to 17:00 on July 25, 2008. There were about 200 audiences including the rally participants who had been brought to the symposium from the rally site by coach. The main theme of the symposium was "Nature and Human beings, Promise for the future".

The speakers were :
Mr.Joao Pereira(FICC president)
Mr.Karl Zahlmann(DCC President)
Mr.Seung Gon Lee (Research Institute of Development Tourism)
Ms.So-Young Yoon (Chief of Leisure Research Center)
Mr.Kazuhiro Akase(Secretary General of FICC Asia-Pacific Commission)
Mr.Jan Eriksen(FEE President)
Mr.Cheol-Min Kim(Ministry of Culture,Sports and Tourism).

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