The 2nd Autocamping Symposium

Autocamping Campsites in the 21st Century--Launching an Autocamping Renaissance at Campsites--


In March 2005, Japan Auto Camping Federation (JAC) held the International Symposium on the Future of Autocamping and the Environment with the special guest Mr. Lars Dahlberg, the then President of the Federation International de Camping et de Caravanning (FICC). Mr. Dahlberg and the participants discussed how autocamping should be in the 21st century in terms of the"environment" , "tourism" and"outdoor."

At this 2nd symposium, which is based on the result of the 1st symposium, we tired to look at autocamping from a perspective of "autocamping campsites." Today, autocamping is growing as the peoplefs favorite pastime and has evolved into an industry on its own, which is supported primarily by approximately 1,300 autocamping campsites throughout Japan. At present, autocamping campsites have become a place to send messages to the world concerning urgent issues of the modern society, including the environment, education, family, and leisure activities. Coincidentally, Japanese government is promoting a long family vacation as a national campaign of the 21st century, and autocamping campsites can be an ideal infrastructure for that purpose.

On the other hand, due to the persisting economic stagnation and decline of peoplefs interest in leisure activities, autocamping campsites are facing various problems such as drops in the number of users, the growing polarization between successful and unsuccessful campsites, and the closing of campsites.

Against this background, JAC organized the 2nd Autocamping Symposium with the theme " Autocamping Campsites in the 21st Century--Launching an Autocamping Renaissance at Campsites--," to which managers of Japanfs three most popular campsites were invited as panelists in order to confirm the realities and issues faced by autocamping campsites in Japan and discussed the possibility of development of autocamping in the 21st century.


Time: Tuesday, May 30, 2006, 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Venue: National Institution for Youth Education, Room 401
Organized by Japan Auto Camping Federation (JAC)
Managed by Executive Committee of Autocamping Symposium
Patronage by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of Japan (scheduled)

Panel Discussion

Moderator: Mr.Fumio Morooka (Professor of Sophia University)
Panelists: Mr.Yoshihiro Tashiro (President of Hatoriko Highland Regina Forest)
Ms.Akemi Fukushima (Managing Director of Kitakaruizawa SweetGrass)
Mr. Yoshio Takano (Manager of Aogawakyo Camping Park)
Mr. Masao Okita (Chief Editor of the GARRRV magazine)

Executive Committee of Autocamping Symposium

Chairman: Mr. Kazuhiro Akase (Executive Director of JAC)

Mr.Seigou Matsunaga (Executive Director of JAC)
Mr. Fumio Morooka (Director of JAC)

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