Camping and Caravanning

Leisure in a clean and green environment

Lars Dahlberg
President of the F.I.C.C

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Camping and caravanning

Camping ? without a question ? is the best holiday for all kinds and all age of people. It is a real holiday in a clean and green nature. Caravanning is a more sophisticated form of camping ? it is a way to travel independently of schedules by bringing homelike conditions everywhere - but still spending the leisure in the nature.

Nature seems to be an important source for our relaxation and health. Studies show that we all human beings have an inherent longing to stay in close connection with the nature. Neither can any other type of holiday compete with camping in terms of freedom, family kindness and flexibility. Only when camping we can say: gHere today, there tomorrow ? and still always in our own home together with the whole family!h

Camping and caravanning are the most traditional form of tourism with the very special characteristic of travelling during the leisure throughout the whole year. They both are also very social activities where people are looking for the company of other people with the same spirit both during their travel and at their destinations. Camping and caravanning offer many different advantages, possibilities and experiences ? things which all increase the quality of our life. However many campers are of the opinion that friendship and comradeship with fellow campers are the most important attainable advantage from the camping.

According to several surveys, campers are perceived to be mobile and social people who want to experience nature first hand. Campers are usually socially active, they are used to co-operation and being neighbourly and are generally willing to be of service to those who need their help while travelling or camping. Mutual dependence is fundamental and background or social position of a person is therefore irrelevant. Only a man himself is important.

Campers are nature lowers. They want to leave the noise and dirt of cities behind them and seek relaxation in a clean environment. They know that it is essential to protect the environment and that in nature especially caravans and motor caravans have to be used carefully and responsible to avoid any kind of negative impacts which may result in polluting or destroying the natural environment. Taking good care of the nature and keeping the environment sustainable for coming generations is one of the basic considerations of all organised campers.

New leisure culture

Camping and caravanning have generated an new leisure culture. With the increasing prosperity and leisure families all around the world are looking for new ways to make the best use of their available free time. Following figures from Europe give good proof of that:

In France statistics show that number of overnights on campsites is more than double that for hotels. In Germany, annually 4 million people spend their holidays by camping in 400.000 motor caravans, 700.000 caravans and countless number of tents generating an income of almost 5 billion Euros for the camping industry. In Europe there are some 26.000 campsites of which little less than half are located in France, 15 % in United Kingdom and 10 % both in Germany and Italy. However, nowhere else than in Netherlands more than two-thirds of the total population are using tents, caravans and motor caravans for their holidays.

By comparison, in the USA there are more than 9 million recreational vehicles or RVLs as they call caravans and motor caravans with an estimated annual total value of more than 16 billion USD. In USA there are around 25 million camping enthusiasts and more than 16.000 nationwide camping grounds.

In Asian countries probably the best adopted camping culture can be found in Japan and Taiwan. For example in Taiwan there are already 115 registered Camping and Caravanning Parks. I am very glad to notice today that this new leisure culture is now making an very strong arrival also to South Korea. This symposium and the 64th International FICC Rally on 17th to 26th of this month in Donghae City are the best evidence of that.

I believe that South Korea with its climate and splendid natural environment ? countless number of mountains and hundreds of kilometres of white sand beach with the crystal clear see water ? is ideal for this new leisure activity. Also I believe that timing for its arrival is excellent. In coming few years the whole population is earning more and more free time and this will create an real need for enjoyable and relaxing leisure activities in South Korea.

64th International FICC Rally

Federation International Camping and Caravanning or FICC has been organising international camping and caravanning rallies already since 1933. This year 2002 is a very special year for us since this is the first year in our history when there are three rallies in one and the same year. First one this month in South Korea, second on June/July in Canada and the third one on August in Belgium.

64th International FICC Rally this month in Donghae City is the very first rally ever in South Korea and second Rally in the whole of the Asia. Organiser of the Rally is the Korean Camping and Caravanning Federation, KCCF, which has also arranged this symposium. Organising of this Rally was approved by the FICCLs General Assembly already in 1999 in Lincoln, Great Britain and since that all preparations for the Rally have been well going on. The most demanding and expensive part of these preparations has been the construction of a camping site to Donghae City where the rally can be successfully organised.

64th FICC Rally will bring to Donghae City campers from all around the world. Organised just before the 2002 FIFA Football Worldcup Games it is going to be a kind of international prelude to the Football Games.

MangSang Auto-Camping Resort

am very glad to inform you that little less than a month ago, 22nd of April, we were able to celebrate the opening of the MangSang Auto-Camping Resort in Donghae City. This campsite, which in my knowledge is the very first complete camping and caravanning site in South Korea, proved to be a very good one. It is locating just adjacent to the MangSang white sand beach and length of the site is around 1,8 kilometres and width 150-200 metres.

For the accommodation of the rally participants there are almost 300 tents, 140 pitches for caravans and motor caravans and 35 one, two or three bedroom cabin houses and bungalows. All those are completely equipped with kitchen, bedroom and bathroom facilities. Also there is a big and practical club house which is serving the purpose of reception, office and meeting needs and in addition to that there is also a beautiful cafeteria building and a huge tent with seating for 1200 person for all those several evening programs.

As a summary I have to say that MangSang campsite fulfils all basic requirements of an modern campsite. It is clean, well-equipped and safe. Reception is welcoming and friendly. Fresh drinking water is available for everybody and several open air kitchen, washing and toilet facilities around the site are practical and clean. There are many high-class playgrounds for children. Electricity is available, as is also fresh and waste water service stations for caravans and motor caravans. Good care has been taken to protect the environment, several beautiful trees, bushes and plants has been planted all around the site and good example has been given for campers by separating out all rubbish. Donghae City can really be proud of its MangSang Auto-Camping Resort.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to thank the organiser of this symposium, Korean Camping and Caravanning Federation and its president Mr Kyung Woo Chang for inviting me to this event and giving me the opportunity to address you today. I hope that this symposium will be most successful and create new ideas and concepts for the development of the camping and caravanning culture in South Korea. I also hope that the publicity which is surrounding this symposium and the coming 64th FICC Rally will bring many new members to KCCF and to our ever-growing society of campers. Society of millions of people around the world, who have selected the best possible way to spend their leisure ,"leisure which is called camping and caravanning", a Holiday for Everybody!

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