Ryuyou Auto Camp

With a New Symbol--One of the World's Biggest Windmills

Surrounded by natural beauty of Tenryu River and the Sea of Enshu, this public-owned campsite is so expansive with green lawn and blue sky stretching into infinity that it makes visitors feel so free. Next to the campsite is a rest house, complete with a radium hot springs facility, a gift shop selling local products, and a restaurant, for an easy camping experience. One of the world's biggest windmills was recently built in the area to generate electricity and has become a new symbol of the Ryuyou Auto Camp. The magnificent windmill can be seen from anywhere in the campsite. The electricity generated by the windmill is used in the campsite and its adjacent park.

Address6866-10 Nishise, Komaba, Ryuyou-cho, Iwata, Shizuoka
Access30 minutes from Hamamatsu Interchange or Iwata Interchange on Tomei Expressway
Capacity50 camping car spaces, 27 tent spaces, 8 accommodation structures* (with modern restrooms, baths, beds, air conditioners, kitchens, refrigerators, cookware, tableware)
GeographyRivers and coastlines (altitude: 100 m or below)
Rate**5,250 yen (Senior rate 3,990 yen; JAC member discount available)
Open seasonAll year
Campsite amenitiesModern restrooms, hot showers, cookhouses with hot water supply, baths, electric hookups, laundry facilities, restaurant, dump station, camping equipment rental service, wheelchair-accessible restrooms, ramps for wheelchair access, wheelchair-accessible tent sites, wheelchair-accessible cookhouses
Recreational activitiesA playground for kids available in a corner of the campsite. Athletic fields and a swimming pool (only for the summer season) in the adjacent park. There is also a nature learning center for kids called Ryuyou Town Insect Observation Park.

* The term "accommodation structure" includes cottages, cabins, bungalows, and trailer houses.
** This rate is for camping in a tent on a Saturday during non-vacation period.

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