Higashiharima Hidokei No Oka Kouen

Campsite with Excellent Facilities in the Park Among Tranquil Mountains

The 135th meridian of east longitude passes through the town of Kurodasho-cho, so “timeEis a theme of the Higashiharima Hidokei No Oka Kouen Park, where seasonal changes of nature are much appreciated by visitors. This public-owned campsite is located by the beautiful forests in the mountains and provides a quiet and peaceful camping environment. For the convenience of campers, each site is equipped with a sink and an electric hookup. The camping car site accommodates even a vehicle over 10 meters in length and has a dump station as well. With cottages and lodges, comfortable outdoor life is offered regardless of the weather or season.

Address871-14 Monryu, Kurodasho-cho, Taka, Hyogo
Access20 minutes from Takino-Yashiro Interchange for Nishiwaki on Chugoku Expressway
Capacity64 camping car spaces, 0 tent spaces, 8 accommodation structures* (fully equipped with amenities: modern restrooms, baths, beds, air conditioners, kitchens, refrigerators, cookware, tableware)
GeographyMountains (altitude: 500 m or below)
Rate**3,000 yen (Weekday discount & JAC member discount available)
Open seasonAll year
Campsite amenitiesModern restrooms, hot showers, cookhouses with hot water supply, baths, electric hookups, laundry facilities, restaurant, dump station, camping equipment rental service, wheelchair-accessible restrooms, ramps for wheelchair access, wheelchair-accessible tent sites, wheelchair-accessible cookhouses
Recreational activitiesVarious sundials are located in the park. Kids will love playing at the terrace by the water as well as on the special trails. There is also a good restaurant in the park.

* The term "accommodation structure" includes cottages, cabins, bungalows, and trailer houses.
** This rate is for camping in a tent on a Saturday during non-vacation period.

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