Forest Park Adatara

Blessed with an abundance of forest beauty, this public-owned campsite encourages a new relationship with the forests and has a unique rule for campers to have a gratitude towards the forests.

Address68 Aza-nagakubo, Tamai, Ohtama-mura, Adachi, Fukushima
Access20 minutes from Motomiya Interchange or Nihonmatsu Interchange on Tohoku Expressway
Capacity150 camping car spaces, 40 tent spaces, 30 accommodation structures* (fully equipped with amenities)
GeographyBase of mountains (altitude: 1,000 m or below)
Rate**5,040 yen (JAC member discount available; credit cards accepted)
Open seasonAll year
Campsite amenitiesModern restrooms, hot showers, cookhouses with hot water supply, baths, electric hookups, laundry facilities, restaurant, dump station, camping equipment rental service, wheelchair-accessible restrooms, wheelchair-accessible hot showers, ramps for wheelchair access, wheelchair-accessible tent sites, wheelchair-accessible cookhouses
Recreational activitiesCharcoal burning programs, Forest Learning Center, etc. There is a hot springs in the Visitor Center that helps smooth the skin.

* The term "accommodation structure" includes cottages, cabins, bungalows, and trailer houses.
** This rate is for camping in a tent on a Saturday during non-vacation period.

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